About us

Simply Brilliant Together

Three simple words which underpin our ambitions for the next five years.

Two laughing women sitting together on the sofa, both with smartphones

We want to work together, with you, putting you – our customers - at the heart of all we’re doing, to create a stronger, better organisation, for you. That way we will become brilliant.

We’re here to provide safe, secure, affordable homes. Whether you’re looking for your first independent home, a long-term home to bring up your family, or a home where you can receive care and support to live as independently as possible – our colleagues are committed to providing this for you.

Simply Brilliant Together sets out how we’ll deliver truly local services; improve the quality of your homes; invest in your properties; expand the reach of where we can offer our services; and how we will build more new homes, so we can provide more people with a great place to live.

Read our strategy document to find out more.