About us

Our story

GreenSquareAccord was formed in April 2021 from the merger of the similar-sized Accord Housing Association, based in the West Midlands, and GreenSquare Group, based in the South West.

Looking up at the first floor balcony of the wood fronted semi-detached home

Both legacy organisations have a long history of providing affordable homes and support services for people in need.

GreenSquare’s origins date back to 1866 when the Oxford Cottage Improvement Company Limited established itself as a local pioneer in driving housing reform. And the origins of Accord date back even further with the creation of Harpers Almshouse charity in 1511 to provide lodging for poor men visiting Walsall.

For both Accord and GreenSquare, various partnerships and mergers in more recent years have brought together locally-based housing associations; and, in Accord’s case, there has been significant growth in home-based domiciliary and residential care and support.

As GreenSquareAccord we have:

  • 25,000 homes
  • 100+ care and support schemes
  • 54,000 housing customers
  • 4,000 colleagues
  • an off-site manufacturing facility producing timber-framed homes
  • an in-house repairs and maintenance team
  • a geographical reach from Newcastle to Salisbury
  • a care and support team that delivers 3,000,000 hours of care every year
  • an in-house design, construction, and sales team.