Home safety Fire safety in shared buildings

If your home is in a shared building there are extra safety steps you need to take and important fire safety information you need to be aware of.

A close-up shot of two hands testing a smoke alarm

Staying safe in your building

We share the responsibility to reduce the risk of a fire happening in your building.

Your role
  • Keep shared areas, including corridors, clear of your belongings. Leaving your items in shared areas can cause a serious hazard. We will remove any items which are left in these areas and will charge you if you do not collect them
  • Make sure your smoke alarm is working by testing it regularly
  • Be extra careful when using candles, smoking or cooking
  • Always keep fire doors closed, including your front door
  • Tell us if for any reason you would find it more difficult to evacuate the building – even if this is for a short time
  • Take some time to read the fire safety policy for your building on this page and make sure everyone in your home understands what to do in the event of a fire

What to do if there’s a fire in your building

If you live in a block, it’s important you understand what you need to do if there is a fire. There’s no greater risk of a fire in your home, but in the unlikely event one does happen there are some things you need to do which are specific to your building.

Each of our buildings has a fire evacuation plan, which is clearly displayed in shared areas. You can search your address below to find out what to do if there is a fire in your building.