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We provide services for those in greatest need, and focus on people least able to meet their housing and care requirements.

A row of homes semi-detached homes on a new housing development

Welcome to the GreenSquareAccord investor portal.

You can find information about our operational and financial performance on this page.

Having long-term, clear, and honest relationships with our investors is important to us in helping us achieve our corporate strategy and to ultimately enable us to build better lives for both existing and new customers by providing high quality homes.

Financial statements

Our Sustainable Finance Framework

Our framework is aligned with the Sustainability Reporting Standard for social housing and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also includes measures and sets out performance indicators aligned with our current business strategy.

A row of newly-built homes with grey exterior walls and black roofs

Second Party Opinion (SPO)

Our Sustainable Finance Framework has been independently assessed by DNV to ensure it is aligned with green, social and sustainability principles.

One of our Darlaston homes wrapped in the new timber-framed panels

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Contact our Corporate Finance team to find out about investment opportunities at GreenSquareAccord.

A row of homes semi-detached homes on a new housing development