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We believe transparency and openness around our performance is extremely important, so we’ve committed to sharing our performance with you monthly.

A GreenSquareAccord colleague talking to a customer

Our commitment to service improvement means we’ve made some changes to how we deliver our services, considering feedback and suggestions we have received from our customers and colleagues.

We know there’s still more to do, but by being open and transparent about how we’re doing, the progress we’re making, and what we still need to improve, we hope this will give our customers confidence we are putting our words into action.

Our targets

We set targets for each part of our landlord service and measure our performance against them. Customers have told us that the three most important areas of customer service are:

How we're doing

Our how we’re doing monthly performance infographic shows our performance in each of these key service areas.

It shows the areas where we still need to make improvements and highlights those where we are performing well.

How we're doing - April 2024

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How we're doing - March 2024

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How we're doing - February 2024

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How we're doing - January 2024

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How we're doing - December 2023

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How we're doing - November 2023

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How we're doing - October 2023

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How we're doing - September 2023

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How we're doing - August 2023

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How we're doing - July 2023

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How we're doing - June 2023

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How we're doing - May 2023

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