About us Simpler, Stronger, Better

Our 2023-28 business strategy which sets out what we will achieve in the next five years.

Business Strategy 23 28

Simpler, Stronger, Better is our 2023-28 business strategy which sets out what we will achieve in the next five years and how we will make it happen.

Our organisation and the world around us has changed since we launched our Simply Brilliant Together strategy back in 2021; just after GreenSquareAccord was created.

We have faced challenges in our organisation and the environment we are operating in - many of which could not have been predicted and are here to stay. We’ve also been able to learn more about the different parts of our business and understand what our priorities are.

We said in 2021 that we wanted to work with our customers to put them at the heart of everything we do and create a stronger, better organisation. While this ambition has not changed, our approach to achieving it must.

In our 2023-28 business strategy we set out a renewed approach with three core pledges at its heart: to make ourselves Simpler, Stronger and Better. Under these pledges sit four focused objectives and a range of projects which will make sure we deliver on our promise.

We believe passionately in our purpose to be a great social landlord, and our duty to be an organisation which can deliver the biggest impact for people in our communities long into the future. The plans outlined here will empower us to achieve this.

Read our 2023-28 business strategy to find out more and watch our animation below which really brings our new strategy to life.