Merridale Lane, Wolverhampton WV3 9QW

Navjeevan Project

This service aims to support adults with a disability or long term health condition and their family carers to live the life they want as independently as possible in their home.

Two laughing women sitting together on the sofa, both with smartphones

Women-only mental health supported living service in Wolverhampton

We tailor our services to each persons individual needs, circumstances and preferences. We can:

  • Help to identify what changes people with disabilities and their carers want to make in their lives
  • Help to identify Mental health needs and promote independence by supporting with developing skills to meet needs
  • Carry out care and support planning
  • Provide care and or support dependent on need through assessment process
  • Provide advice, guidance and help to find support and care services
  • Help to find community resources and opportunities
  • Negotiate with care and support providers
  • Help to obtain funding
  • Act on behalf of other people – advocate

Contact Navjeevan Project

For more information, please send us an email or or call us on 01902 745 353.