Communities Our Customer Involvement and Empowerment Strategy

We can only provide great services by actively involving our customers.

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Our new strategy outlines how we will achieve this as the central part of our commitment to improving our customer offer and to work in partnership with our customers to help drive performance and service improvements.

At the heart of this strategy is the launch of our new customer engagement and involvement offer which offers a menu of engagement options that customers can choose from to suit them.

Our strategy has been shaped with customers and includes a new set of co-produced guiding principles which will provide the foundation for more effective and meaningful customer engagement and involvement benefiting both customers and GreenSquareAccord.

It also brings together our commitments as a social landlord to ensuring the effective involvement and empowerment of our customers in meeting the mandatory regulatory compliance standards and how we continue to explore ways to improve our engagement.

Legal and statutory requirements include:

  • The Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard. This regulatory standard sets out expectations for social landlords in providing choices, information and communication that are appropriate to the diverse needs of tenants and providing a range of opportunities for customers to have influence and be involved.
  • Charter for Social Housing Residents: Social Housing White Paper. A government paper which sets out the case and expectations of social landlords to strengthen their relationship with tenants.
  • National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants Charter. This is a national social housing sector led Charter which sets out expectations of social landlords in building stronger relationships with their tenants and is something we are signed up to as an early adopter.

Our strategy will also help us to meet the evolving requirements of the regulatory environment.

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