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Customer focus groups will be facilitated by the Community Involvement and Investment team, and will feed directly into the Customer Panel. Locality focus groups will take place every six months, bringing together customers from each of the four geographic localities to discuss issues/themes and gather views.

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Locality and customer focus groups will be organised to discuss issues/themes and gather views. Are there particular topics or issues that you are interested in?

Code of conduct

Our customer focus groups are open forums for discussing customer-related matters. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect.

To create a positive environment, please:

  • do not share offensive or insulting statements or opinions
  • avoid identifying or discussing specific individuals
  • refrain from sharing profanity, religious, or political content, as well as off-topic discussions that could offend others
  • report any concerns about offensive views to the Customer Involvement & Investment Team.

If you violate these guidelines, you may be asked to leave the focus group. Repeated violations may lead to a ban from future sessions.


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