Rent a home Housing co-operatives

A housing co-operative is run for and by its tenant members. It’s similar to a housing association but co-operative tenants actively manage their homes and communities.

Three ladies sitting under a garden pergola with tea and biscuits

You have to be a member of the co-operative to live in a co-op home. They usually have a one-off joining fee and you must attend a monthly meeting, as a minimum, to help with the management of your co-operative.

Only you and your neighbours can be members of your co-operative. You all have equal rights and an equal say in how your co-operative is run.

How does GSA work with co-operatives?

We support several housing co-operatives in Redditch, Worcestershire, including:

  • Breedon Housing Co-operative
  • Pioneer Co-operative Housing (Redditch) Limited
  • Redditch Co-operative 2000 Limited
  • Riverside Housing Co-operative (Redditch) Limited
  • The Winyates Co-operative Limited

How to apply for a co-operative home

If you are interested in applying for a co-operative home in Redditch please visit Redditch Borough Council's website.