Rent a home Rent a garage

You could gain extra parking or storage space by renting one of our garages.

A row of houses on a new development

If you need an extra parking space or a little more storage space, renting a garage from us could help.

Anyone can apply to rent one of our garages, but we do give priority to our residents.

How to rent a garage

Our garages are in high demand, and we don’t often have garages become available to rent.

If you're interested in renting one of our garages, please complete our garage application form.

Once you’ve completed the application form, we’ll let you know if there are any garages available near you. If there’s not a garage available at the moment, we'll add you to our waiting list and contact you when a garage becomes available.

If you’re one of our customers and have arrears on your home account, we won’t be able to offer you a garage.


The costs of renting a garage from us are:

  • Residents renting a single garage: £10.83 per week
  • Non-residents renting a single garage: £16.60 per week
  • Residents renting a second garage: £13.83 per week

We only rent second garages at the discretion of our garage officer. 

The weekly rent is due four weeks in advance. The easiest way to pay your garage rent is by direct debit. If you decide to pay by direct debit, we’ll ask you to complete and return a direct debit form to set up ongoing payments. 

You also can pay your garage rent through your online customer account if you have an account already. 

Using your garage

You can use our garages for your personal use, but not for business or commercial purposes. 

We can’t guarantee our garages are watertight, so please bear that in mind when renting a garage from us.

If you’re using your garage for storage, you’ll need to arrange appropriate insurance to cover your belongings as that’s not included in your garage rent. 

You can only park in your garage – you can’t park anywhere else on the garage site. This helps make sure everyone has access to their garages at all times.

Returning your garage to us

If you no longer want to rent your garage, you’ll need to fill in a termination of garage licence form

You can also write to us or email us to let us know, but we do need your notice in writing to be able to accept it.     

We need a minimum of seven days’ notice to end your garage licence agreement. All licences end on a Sunday. 

Before handing back your keys, make sure your garage is clean and you don’t owe us any garage rent. If we have to remove any of your belongings before we can rent the garage to someone else, we’ll charge you for the cost of clearing and cleaning the garage. 

We won’t close your garage rent account until you’ve returned your keys. The termination of garage licence form contains full details of how to return your keys to us. 

Once you’ve settled your garage rent account and returned your keys, we’ll cancel your direct debit. If you pay by standing order, it’s your responsibility to cancel it with your bank.