Shared ownership Insurance and claims

What cover you need as a shared owner and how to make a claim on our buildings insurance.

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Contents insurance

It’s important that you have contents insurance for your home. Contents insurance covers you if your personal possessions are broken, damaged or stolen. This includes items such as furniture, carpets, TVs and laptops.

It’s your responsibility to arrange contents insurance for your home – we don’t provide you with contents insurance cover.

Buildings insurance

We’re responsible for arranging buildings insurance for your home. This insurance covers any structural damage to your property, for example, fire or flood damage. You pay us for buildings insurance cover as part of your service charge.

Making a claim

Our buildings insurance will cover you if the structure of the building is damaged. For example, if your home is damaged by fire or a burst water pipe.

If you need to make a claim, you’ll need to contact our insurance provider directly. We’re covered by a company called Gallagher and you can reach them on 01245 341 200. When you speak to Gallagher, let them know you’re insured under GreenSquareAccord’s property policy.

You will need to pay the insurance company an excess premium when you make a claim. The excess payment amount can vary, so please ask Gallagher to confirm how much excess you’ll need to pay when you enquire about making a claim.

If your home is affected by a water leak from a neighbouring flat, you need to contact the owner of the flat and ask them to resolve the issue. You can get in touch with us for help if you can’t get hold of them. You may be covered for repairing the damage and decoration inside your flat under our buildings insurance policy, so you should also contact our insurance Gallagher to make a claim.