Shared ownership Repairs and improvements

You're responsible for keeping your shared ownership home in good condition.

A carpenter fitting door hinges

Repair responsibilities

If you’re a shared owner of a house, you’re responsible for all repairs and maintenance inside and outside your home.

If you’re a shared owner of a flat, you’re responsible for all repairs inside your home. We look after the structure of the building and communal areas. You can find more information on our flat owners page.

If your property was built after 2021, you may be able to claim up to £500 per year to help you pay for some repairs and maintenance through the government’s Affordable Homes Programme 2021-2026. Please contact us for more details.

Home improvements

You don’t need our permission to decorate your home. You can paint the walls, put up picture frames or change the carpets without telling us.

But if you’re planning major alterations or improvements, you may need our written permission before you start work. Your lease may prevent you from making alterations to the exterior of your property, such as adding an extension, so you need to check with us before you begin any work.

Examples of work that needs our approval include:

  • building a conservatory or extension
  • changing the heating or electrics
  • changing or painting your front door
  • replacing flooring if you live in a flat
  • replacing windows

You may also need planning permission or buildings regulations approval from your local authority. If that’s the case, our Home Ownership team will need to see copies of any letters you receive from your local council approving your plans before we can give our permission.