Your tenancy Ending your tenancy

How to let us know if you want to move out of your home.

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How to end your tenancy

You’ll need to give us four weeks’ notice if you want to end your tenancy. The notice period starts on the Monday after we receive your notice.

If you have a joint tenancy, notice from one tenant will end the tenancy for both of you, and you’ll both need to leave the property.

You can give us your notice by completing our online form.

If you have any questions about ending your tenancy, please contact us at

Find out how to end a tenancy on behalf of someone else

What happens after we receive your notice

Once we’ve received your notice, we’ll write back to you to confirm the date your tenancy will end. We'll also send an operative to install a key safe for you to leave your keys in at the end of your tenancy.

We may contact you to arrange a final inspection. During this visit, our surveyor will:

  • check the property is clean, tidy and in good condition
  • discuss any repairs you might need to make before you move out
  • review certificates and permission letters if you've made any changes to your home

You will continue to be charged rent during the notice period.

What you need to do before you move out

  • Pay your rent and any other outstanding charges. Contact our Customer Accounts team on 0300 111 7000 to discuss your closing balance and arrange payment.
  • Repair any damage caused by you or your visitors. You don't have to pay for normal wear and tear, but you’ll be charged for any damage you’ve caused to the property.
  • Leave your property in good condition. You’ll need to fill any holes in walls if you put up picture frames or curtain poles.
  • Clear the loft, garden, and storage areas. If you’ve installed a shed, you’ll need to take it down and dispose of it before you leave. You’ll be charged for any cleaning or rubbish removal, so please check you’ve not left anything behind.
  • Pay any outstanding balances on gas or electric meters.
  • Take meter readings and send them to your energy suppliers.
  • Arrange for your telephone, satellite TV, and broadband services to be disconnected or transferred to your new address.
  • Ask Royal Mail to redirect any post to your new address.

How to return your keys at the end of your tenancy

Put your front door key and any communal keys or fobs in the key safe provided before 11am on the day after your tenancy ends. Leave all other keys, such as the back door key, window lock keys, and meter keys, in a kitchen drawer.

How to end a tenancy on behalf of someone else

There are occasions when someone is unable to end a tenancy themselves. If you have power of attorney, you can give us notice on their behalf by completing our online form.

A 28-day notice period will start on the Monday after we receive the form. The tenant will continue to be charged rent during the notice period.

Find out what the tenant needs to do before they move out

How to end a tenancy when someone dies

If you've lost a loved one who lived in a GreenSquareAccord home, we're here to help.

Please complete our online form to report their death. We'll contact you to discuss your options and support you through the process of ending or transferring the tenancy.

For additional support and guidance following the loss of a loved one, please visit the GOV.UK website.