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Flushing Away the Myths About Domestic Abuse

GSA Domesticabuseposter 62

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS) have launched a campaign which aims to challenge common misconceptions about domestic abuse and promote their services.

GDASS is managed by GreenSquareAccord and is commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council, with support from the county’s Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The campaign, entitled ‘Flushing Away the Myths about Domestic Abuse’, is well under way with more than 40 posters now displayed in toilets in pubs, restaurants, waiting rooms, gyms, and workplaces across Gloucestershire, challenging the common misconceptions of domestic abuse.

The locations of the posters were chosen because for someone experiencing domestic abuse going to the toilet might be one of the few times they can check their phone without being monitored.  The posters contain a QR code which links to information and support on the GDASS website.

Tessa Davies, GDASS Manager said: “Outdated stereotypes, misunderstandings and untruths have helped create powerful myths about domestic abuse. These myths aren’t just unhelpful they are dangerous as they could delay or even prevent someone from reaching out for help.

“The aims of our ‘Flushing away the myths’ campaign are to help dispel misconceptions about domestic abuse and let people know where they can find advice and support.

“We are grateful to everyone who has supported us so far and encourage employers, hospitality venues and public service providers to display our posters if they haven’t already.”

In addition to receiving support from hospitality venues, gyms and employers across Gloucestershire, the campaign has received support from local Councillors and the County’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Councillor Di Martin who represents Cinderford East ward on Forest of Dean Council and is an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor said: “Sadly, sometimes people don’t realise the behaviour they are experiencing is abusive because they might have a narrow conception of what domestic abuse is. I am supporting this campaign because it will raise awareness about the different types of domestic abuse and signpost those in need to the help that is available.”

GDASS provides support to women and men aged 16+ who are victims of domestic abuse.

More information on GDASS’ ‘Flushing away the myths’ campaign can be found here.