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We’re hosting the Walsall Homelessness Prevention Conference 2023

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Next month, we will be hosting the Walsall Homelessness Prevention Conference 2023 on behalf of Walsall Council.

The highest number of people on record applied for homelessness support at the start of 2023 amid the dual crisis of housing and cost of living. This year’s conference will explore how the rise in cost of living is impacting residents and communities across Walsall.

The half-day event will be held on Wednesday 6 September 2023 at Walsall Arena & Arts Centre and will bring together a variety of professionals within social housing and associated sectors.

Ben Taylor, our Operations Director (Support) said: “We are really looking forward to hosting the Walsall Homelessness Prevention Conference this year at such a critical time for many of Walsall’s families and communities.

“The event will be a great opportunity to learn more about the local impact of the cost of living, how partner agencies are responding to the crisis and begin to explore how we can strengthen collaborative approaches to benefit Walsall residents.

“Attendees will have the chance to take part in engaging discussions and hear from guest speakers from a variety of sectors who will share their organisation’s experience and how they are responding.”

The two main sessions of the Walsall Homelessness Prevention Conference 2023 will focus on:


Almost 80,000 households in England contacted their local council between January and March 2023 because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness, the highest number since these records began in 2018.

This session will look at the impact of the cost of living for Walsall residents and housing providers, exploring what can be done to reduce the risk of homelessness in the borough, particularly for individuals and families on low income. 

Domestic Abuse

New research by Women's Aid reveals that 96% of victims say that the cost-of-living crisis is making their abuse worse, and 73% of victims say they are scared to leave their abusive home because of fears over finance.

The session will look at the housing sector in Walsall, who alongside other key agencies, has a significant role to play in supporting people to manage tenancies, access funds and put plans in place to help the most vulnerable live a life free from abuse.

Commenting on the upcoming conference, Councillor Perry, Deputy Leader of Walsall Council and portfolio holder for Resilient Communities said ‘It truly is great to work with Green Square Accord in relation to homelessness prevention, the conference will be a really valuable time for our teams to look at housing, particularly in a time of such economic struggle for many.

“Taking a close look at families with low incomes and victims of domestic abuse, this is a time for us to really make a difference, all with our residents at heart.”

To find out more about the conference please contact our Communications Team (