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Our Community Impact Fund supports improvements to Wildlife Garden

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A shared garden, located on The Ivy Estate in Chippenham, has received financial support for improvements through our Community Impact Fund.

Following a successful application to our Community Impact Fund, The Ivy  Wildlife Garden committee will now receive £518.83 which will be put towards repairing raised planters and purchasing new ones.

Mark Sabat, our Housing Officer who supports our customers who live on the Ivy Estate said: “The Ivy Wildlife Garden is used by a broad cross section of the community, not only those living on the estate but those from the surrounding area too.

“The shared garden is particularly important to those residents living on the estate who do not have their own private outdoor space. The Wildlife Garden has become a regular meeting place and remains an oasis of tranquillity close to the centre of Chippenham.

“The raised planters, repaired and purchased with the Community Impact Fund money, will help people of all ages and abilities get involved with planting and weeding. Its great to see GSA get behind a community project which brings a host of benefits to the Ivy Estate and beyond.”

The Ivy Wildlife Garden was established in 2014 by local volunteers with the assistance of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The garden is open to all members of the public and is regularly used by a variety of age groups from toddlers to those living in a nearby care home.

Our Community Investment and Social Value Lead, Sian Every said: “It is very rewarding to see our Community Impact Fund supporting the provision of a shared outdoor space which helps support the wellbeing of those living on the Ivy Estate and close by.

“Since we launched the Community Impact Fund in October 2022, we have awarded a total of 17 grants.”

“Our Community Impact Fund grant allowance was increased to £1,000 towards the end of last year, allowing customer and community groups to access more funding for their projects.

​​​​​​​For more information on the eligibility criteria and how to apply please visit our Community Impact Fund webpage.