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Our first ever GreenSquareAccord customer annual report is here

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The report, which we have produced as an interactive flipbook for the first time, documents our work and our performance for the 2021-22 financial year.

It will be uploaded to our website today and sent to every customer whose email address we have later this week.

We are required by the Regulator for Social Housing to produce an annual report each year detailing our performance.

Steve Hayes, our Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, said: “We’ve taken a fresh approach with this year’s report, and we’re pleased to be able to launch the document and distribute it proactively to customers.

“This is a detailed, honest look at our work and performance for 2021-22 and gives a clear picture of the huge contribution teams across our organisation make to the lives of people in our communities.

“The new style of report builds on the reports of previous years, which were more of an overview. This report features more narrative and, crucially, more information about how we are working with and involving our customers.

“We want our communication with customers to become more direct and sophisticated. By emailing the report to the 15,000 customers we will reach more customers than ever and provide them with a better experience.

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