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Workspaces fit for our future


We want to make sure our workspaces support us to deliver the best services for our customers - that’s why we’re reviewing our way of working and office locations.

As part of this we have been reviewing our office portfolio closely over the last six months and as a result we are now making preparations to sell our West Bromwich office and looking more closely at alternative locations for our Chippenham office. We are also reviewing a number of the smaller office premises we have throughout our communities.

All of our current office buildings are significantly under-occupied at present, have high running costs which are not sustainable, and our West Bromwich and Chippenham office haven’t been open to customers since the outset of the pandemic in March 2020 and will now remain permanently closed to our customers.

In the long term we intend to have a central head office with smaller hubs in our localities which will better support us to work flexibly and will support our ambition to deliver a service model which is truly local and visible and embeds colleagues in our localities to deliver for our customers.

This approach will also reduce our overhead costs and office footprint, making us a more sustainable and agile organisation.

Our Executive Director of People Helen Moss says: “In our corporate strategy we have committed to making sure our organisation is built on strong foundations. To meet this ambition, one of the things we need to consider is the future of our workspaces; whether they are fit for purpose and whether they represent value for money.

“The way we work and the way we service our customers has changed significantly over the last two years. Following lockdown, we have changed how we communicate with our customers, using video technology and meeting customers in their communities rather than at an office which may not be convenient for them.

“Like many organisations, the pandemic has also led to us embrace a more flexible work culture and many colleagues who were previously based in an office five days a week are now spending a significant proportion of their time working from home or in other locations to better suit their needs.

“We are committed to keeping both our customers and colleagues updated as this important project progresses.”

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