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Customers to receive first TSM Satisfaction Survey from February

TSM Survey

Over 23,000 GSA customers will be asked to complete our first Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM’s) perception survey throughout February and March 2024.

The survey is part of the Government’s Tenant Satisfaction Measures standard which came into effect in April 2023 and is aimed at giving those who live in social housing greater insight into how their landlord is performing.

We are always interested in our customers views, and we ask for these already across a number of transactional surveys. The TSM survey questions give us an opportunity to find out more about what customers think of us as their landlord not just about the last service we delivered. We’ll use these responses together with those from our transactional surveys to help us improve our services.

Here’s a brief overview of the survey and what’s involved.  

Which customers will receive the Tenant Satisfaction Measures Survey?

We’ll be contacting as many customers by phone as we can to complete the survey, and we’ll be emailing and texting survey links out to customers as well. Where we only have the customer’s address, we’ll send the survey by post.

We’re also ensuring we use different versions of the survey to meet customers correspondence needs including language, braille or easy read.

Why are we asking customers to complete the survey?

As a social housing landlord, we are required to report and submit our data to the Regulator of Social Housing against the 22 TSM’s set out by the Government.

This is the first time we will be collating this data, and as a provider of more than 1,000 homes, we must now complete this annually. 

Ten of these measures are collated and reported on by landlords directly from management information, and cover areas such as building safety measures and the volume of complaints.

The other 12 measures are required to be tested using this customer perception survey.

What will customers be asked?

Customers will be asked to rate how satisfied or dissatisfied they are across key areas such as:

  • Our repairs service, including time taken to complete last repair
  • How their home is maintained, including communal areas
  • Whether they feel they are kept informed, listened to, treated fairly and with respect
  • Our approach to handling anti-social behaviour and complaints.

We will also be adding a question into this survey asking customers how likely they are to recommend us to a friend or colleague. This will help us to understand our net promoter score (NPS) and compare results to when we have asked this in the past.

What happens with the results?

Results from both the customer perception survey and the management information measures will be submitted to the Regulator of Social Housing by August 2024. We are also required to publish our results, which we will do, on our website.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us.