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GreenSquareAccord takes the Victim Promise

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GreenSquareAccord has reaffirmed its commitment to putting victims at the heart of its ASB management process by being the first registered housing provider to sign up to ‘The Victim Promise’ which was launched this week.

This is a statement of intent aimed at police, councils, registered providers of housing, and any other agency with an antisocial behaviour management function. The initiative is led by ASB Help, a registered charity set up to provide advice and support to victims of antisocial behaviour. ASB Help aims to provide information and advice to interested parties and members of the public involved with and suffering from antisocial behaviour.

The Victim Promise says that victims “should know who to report to and be kept informed and involved once a report is made”; that agencies such as GreenSquareAccord “should be transparent throughout the investigation process and in their outcomes”; and that “practitioners should be trained to identify and act on the underlying causes of, or motivation behind, the behaviour and not just deal with its consequences”.

You can read the full Victim Promise here.

Anna Kelly, GreenSquareAccord’s Tenancy Enforcement Manager, explains: “By taking ‘The Victim Promise’ we are agreeing to publicise our commitment to it and to take steps to ensure it is embedded into our day to day work.”