About us Equality, diversity and inclusion

At GreenSquareAccord, our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) mission is simple. We want to be a diverse and inclusive organisation that reflects the communities we serve. We want to be a fair and inclusive employer and landlord.

Three residents on mobility scooters driving along the pavement in convoy

What we mean by equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Equality is about fairness and everyone having an opportunity to make the most of their lives. Equity is about giving more to the customers and colleagues that need it. We strive for equality and equity is how we get there.

  • Diversity is recognising and valuing the differences in all of us, valuing each other and what we all bring.

  • Inclusion is inviting and supporting differences, giving colleagues and customers the confidence to be themselves and be part of the journey.

This mission is at the core of our corporate strategy. We believe that being a diverse and inclusive organisation will deliver better outcomes, not only for our customers, but also our colleagues.

Our commitments

We will simplify and strengthen our business

  • We are business minded but with the priority to deliver our social purpose.
  • Our colleagues are trained and aware of EDI matters and play an active role in delivering our EDI commitments.

We will improve our customer offer

  • We care and put our customers first; we listen, and we act. We recognise diversity and offer services that let customers engage in a way that works for them.
  • We understand our customers and make it easy to access our services and do business with us.
  • We will promote equality in all of our business functions, processes and policies; and our customer interactions.
  • We will evolve our EDI priorities and strategy by listening to our customers who have experienced or faced discrimination. We take action so others don’t face the same.

We will improve the quality of our existing and new homes

  • We are supportive and recognise that one size does not fit all. Across our services we want to give customers a voice to influence how we deliver our services to best meet the needs of all current and future customers.
  • Our services reflect the diverse nature of the communities we serve.

We will create a culture that empowers our people

  • We embed a culture of respect for all and our GSA Way behaviours promote inclusivity to support communities to thrive.
  • We offer a range of employment opportunities for our customers and within GreenSquareAccord and our local communities.
  • Our board and leadership champion EDI and are an active part of our EDI Forum.
  • We are inquisitive, open and honest with EDI data and information. We are committed to utilising data and understand the diverse make up of our colleagues, customers and communities.
  • We will create and embed a two-way mentoring process relating to EDI.