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A new animation to help explain our locality model

Lacality Animation

Our locality model, which we launched in April, focuses on four localities and provides a framework for us to deliver our general needs housing services in a focused, collaborative way that meets the needs of our customers.

We have developed a short animation which explains what the locality model is and how it will benefit customers.

Ross Kuklinski, our Director of Homes and Communities, said: “Our locality model is fundamental to how we work and helping customers to understand what it is and how it works is hugely important.

“This new animation gives a simple, clear explanation of what the model is and how it will benefit customers.”

Steve Hayes, our Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, said: “Animation is a great way to bring topics to life and make them more accessible, so we’re pleased to have access to an in-house tool which means we can create our own.

“We hope this animation is useful for customers and this is the first of many we will produce to enhance our communication and support the business.”

Watch our locality model animation below and find out more about our locality model here.