Rent a home Applying to rent a home

We provide affordable and social homes to rent through your local authority's choice-based lettings scheme.

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We provide affordable and social rent homes. You need to apply through your local authority to rent one of our homes, as we don’t manage the application process ourselves.

Renting for the first time

When you register with your local authority, you’ll be given access to its choice-based lettings scheme website. You’ll be able to look at available homes in your area online and ‘bid’ on properties you like.

Sometimes your local authority might nominate you for one of our homes. There’s more information about how we allocate and let our affordable and social homes in our Allocations and lettings policy

Occasionally, we’ll advertise immediately available social or affordable homes on our website. These are homes that you can move into straight away by applying to us directly and not going through your local authority. We usually only have one or two of these properties available at a time, but you can find these on our immediately available homes page. 

Moving from another home

If you already live in a social home and want to move to one of our properties, you can do that through a process called mutual exchange. That’s when you swap homes with another social housing tenant. 

Read our mutual exchange page to find out how to find a home to swap and apply to move. 

Other ways to live in our homes

As well as providing social housing through local authorities, we also offer homes through the shared ownership scheme

We have new homes for sale in developments across Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire through GreenSquare Homes.