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How to keep your home pest-free and what to do if you have pests in your home or building.

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Keeping your home pest-free

You can help keep your home pest-free by:

  • cleaning kitchen surfaces and floors regularly
  • clearing away food and rubbish
  • keeping bin lids shut
  • checking your pets for fleas
  • keeping your garden tidy
  • checking your external walls for holes or gaps around service pipes where pests could get inside your home, and letting us know if you spot any areas we need to repair

Dealing with pests in your home

If you have pests in your home, such as ants, cockroaches or mice, it’s your responsibility to deal with the problem.

You might be able to treat some pest infestations yourself. The British Pest Control Association has an A-Z catalogue of pests which includes advice on how to deal with various types of infestations.

If you need help from a professional, contact your local authority or a pest control company. You should get help as soon as possible to avoid damage to your home.

Dealing with pests coming from a neighbour's home

If you think pests are coming from a neighbour's home, we recommend that you talk to them about the problem. You can help by sharing this guide with them or directing them to your local authority for support.

If your neighbour is a GreenSquareAccord customer and you don't feel comfortable talking to them about the issue, we can contact them for you. If they're a private resident, you can report the problem to your local authority.

Dealing with pests in shared areas

We deal with pests in shared areas such as corridors in blocks of flats, communal gardens, and car parks as part of your service charge.

We look out for pests during our cleaning and grounds maintenance visits, but please get in touch if you see evidence of pests in shared areas.

Repairing damage caused by pests

Damage to your home

If you're a tenant, we'll fix pest-related damage to your home and seal any entry points we find. You can use our online form to report a repair.

If your home has been damaged because you haven't taken steps to prevent or treat the problem, we might charge you for the repairs.

If you're a shared owner or leaseholder, it's your responsibility to fix damage caused by pests.

Damage to your belongings

You're responsible for replacing or repairing any belongings that are damaged by pests. To find out if your contents insurance covers damage caused by pests, please check your policy or contact your provider.

Report a pest problem

Get in touch to report pest problems in shared areas such as corridors in blocks of flats, communal gardens, and car parks.

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