Repairs and maintenance Report a repair

The easiest way to report a repair is through our online form or customer portal.

A gas engineer working on a boiler

Before you report a repair to us, please check whether it’s our responsibility to fix it or yours. We’re able to respond to repairs more quickly if we’re not having to review requests for issues that aren’t our responsibility. You can find a list of your repair responsibilities in your tenancy agreement, as well as on the Repair responsibilities page.

How do I report a repair?

You can use our online form to report a repair. 

If you’re already registered with myGreenSquare or have an Accord customer account, you can also report a repair through your online account. 

In an emergency, if you or your neighbours are in danger, please call us on 0300 111 7000

How are repairs prioritised?

We prioritise repairs based on the level of urgency and severity of the issue. We also take additional needs and vulnerabilities into account when we’re prioritising repairs. If there’s anything we need to know when planning your repair, for example, if you’re unwell or have a disability, please tell us when you report it.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are for situations where there's an immediate threat to your safety or home, such as structural damage or a major water leak.

We aim to send an operative to your home within 4 hours to make the area safe and complete the repair within 24 hours. We might need you or a neighbour to wait at home for us to arrive so you can give us access to your property.

If the issue has caused damage to other parts of your home, we may need to follow up with additional repairs.

In a fire, you should call 999. If you smell gas, call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.

Urgent repairs

Urgent repairs are for situations that need attention to avoid future damage to your home, such as a leaking roof or a blocked pipe.

We aim to complete these repairs within 7 days.

If we prioritise your repair as urgent, you will not be given an appointment when you report the issue. Our planning team will contact you directly to agree an appointment with you.

Routine repairs

Routine repairs are standard repairs that do not need urgent attention, such as a broken cupboard door or a dripping tap.

We usually fix these issues within 28 working days.

We aim to book an appointment that's convenient for you when you report a routine repair. If we need to use a contractor to carry out the work, they will contact you directly to arrange the appointment.

What happens after I report a repair?

After you’ve reported the repair, we’ll let you know when we’ll carry out the work. You can find out what happens before, during and after your repair appointment on our Repairs process page.

How do I carry out repairs?

We’ve created some step-by-step guides to help you with simple home maintenance and repairs. You can find the guides on our Maintaining your home page.

Repairing damage or neglect

If we have to repair any deliberate damage or neglect to your property, we’ll charge you for the cost of the work. For example, if you ask us to replace a window you have broken or change the locks because you’ve lost your keys. 

You can find out more about chargeable repairs on our Repair responsibilities page.